“Aura Splitscroll Wordpress” Documentation by “Designova” v1.0


Created: 10/Jan/2012
By: Rakesh Suryavardhan AKA Ron
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in our theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to use our support forum or send a message to us via our TF user page contact form here.

Table of Contents

  1. Upload and Install the theme
  2. Using the theme options panel
    1. Basic Settings
    2. Appearance Settings
    3. Appearance Settings
    4. Contact Form
  3. Custom Post Types
    1. Portfolio
    2. Team
    3. Slider
  4. Shortcodes
  5. Page Metaboxes
  6. Main Menu
  7. Page Templates
  8. Other resourses
  9. Vote Of Thanks

Before Installing the Theme:

This is a One Page split scroll theme, so we request you to limit the number of pages to 15 in order to keep the layout safe and stable.

A) Upload and Install the theme - top

Please Note:

1. After unzipping the 'Downloadpack' you can see a folder named aura this is the theme folder
2. Upload the folder aura to your server (upload to wp-content/themes/ directory) using any FTP applications like Filezilla.
3. Login to your wordpress administration and navigate to Appearance » Themes
4. Activate theme aura

Activate Theme

B) Theme Options Panel - top

Theme options panel contain many custom settings exclusive for the theme. To acess the theme options panel navigate to Appearance » Theme Options. Read on to know more

B1. Basic Settings

General Settings

1.Logo Upload Main Logo which appears on the top right corner of the website
2.Footer Text Text to appear on the footer part of left panel in each page
3.Theme Highlight Color this will replace the red color areas in the demo. You can create unlimited color combinations along with black.
4.Custom CSS if you have any additional css rules to add, you can use this option

B2. Appearance Settings

Splash Screen

1.Background Images as you see in our demo splash page has got back streteched images,you can add those images from here. There will be overlays above these pictures so they will not appear prominent.
2.Leftpanel Heading Prefix as you can see in our demo, site title is added with page heading like this 'aura/home'. You can hide/show this feature with this switch.

B3. Social Media

Splash Screen

Fill your social media links here, these links will get displayed on every page on the footer part of right panel. If you leave the fields blank that particular icon will not get displayed.

B4. Contact Form

Splash Screen

This where you set up the contat page elements, to appear the contact page on your website you have to use contact form shortcode Contact form Email, you have to fill this filed with a valid email, other wise you wont receive emails from the contact form.
Contact form Subject, Subject for email receiving through contact form

C) Custom Post Types - top

General Settings

C1. Portfolio

First you have create categories for displaying the filterable portfolio. Group your projects to respective categories for the proper working of filters. Adding a portfolio item is same as adding a post in wordpress. Instead of regular post we have some custom fields here to fill. Please not that you must add a featured image with every portfolio post you add.

General Settings

Portfolio will appear on a page with '[Portfolio]' shortcode

C2. Team

General Settings

Fill all the necessary fileds for a team member and use [team] short code to display the team members as in demo.

C3. Slider

General Settings

Fill all the necessary fileds for a team member and use [slider] short code to display the team members as in demo.

D) Shortcodes - top

General Settings

We have got a great set of shortcodes which are reusable to a great extend. You may use them alone or shall use them in groups. For a better understanding we have provided the dummy data we used on our demo. Please do import and refer them. In addition we have pinned shortcodes as Wordpress editor buttons, so you can add them in just one click. NB: We strongly recommed you to refer the demo content for a better understanding of the grouped shortcodes.

List of Shortcodes

E) Page Metaboxes - top

General Settings
There are four sections in a page metabox.
Left Panel Background: Background image for left panel (1024x1024 px)
Left Panel Alternate Heading: If filled custom heading will appear, if its blank default page title will get displayed
Left Panel Ribbon Text: Text for Black background ribbon come under the heading
Left Panel Paragraph: Paragraph comes under the ribbon text, you can add HTML elemnts here

To configure the menu use Apperance » Menus otherwise the menu will not get displayed.

G) Page Templates - top

We have only one page templates apart form the Default Template. That is 'Blog Page' If you want to display your blog posts, you have to create a page with this template.

H) Other Resourses - top

Font Awesome Icon Names

"music", "search", "envelope", "heart", "star", "star-empty", "user", "film", "th-large", "th", "th-list", "ok", "remove", "zoom-in", "zoom-out", "off", "signal", "cog", "trash", "home", "file", "time", "road", "download-alt", "download", "upload", "inbox", "play-circle", "repeat", "refresh", "list-alt", "lock", "flag", "headphones", "volume-off", "volume-down", "volume-up", "qrcode", "barcode", "tag", "tags", "book", "bookmark", "print", "camera", "font", "bold", "italic", "text-height", "text-width", "align-left", "align-center", "align-right", "align-justify", "list", "indent-left", "indent-right", "facetime-video", "picture", "pencil", "map-marker", "adjust", "tint", "edit", "share", "check", "move", "step-backward", "fast-backward", "backward", "play", "pause", "stop", "forward", "fast-forward", "step-forward", "eject", "chevron-left", "chevron-right", "plus-sign", "minus-sign", "remove-sign", "ok-sign", "question-sign", "info-sign", "screenshot", "remove-circle", "ok-circle", "ban-circle", "arrow-left", "arrow-right", "arrow-up", "arrow-down", "share-alt", "resize-full", "resize-small", "plus", "minus", "asterisk", "exclamation-sign", "gift", "leaf", "fire", "eye-open", "eye-close", "warning-sign", "plane", "calendar", "random", "comment", "magnet", "chevron-up", "chevron-down", "retweet", "shopping-cart", "folder-close", "folder-open", "resize-vertical", "resize-horizontal", "bar-chart", "twitter-sign", "facebook-sign", "camera-retro", "key", "cogs", "comments", "thumbs-up", "thumbs-down", "star-half", "heart-empty", "signout", "linkedin-sign", "pushpin", "external-link", "signin", "trophy", "github-sign", "upload-alt", "lemon", "phone", "check-empty", "bookmark-empty", "phone-sign", "twitter", "facebook", "github", "unlock", "credit-card", "rss", "hdd", "bullhorn", "bell", "certificate", "hand-right", "hand-left", "hand-up", "hand-down", "circle-arrow-left", "circle-arrow-right", "circle-arrow-up", "circle-arrow-down", "globe", "wrench", "tasks", "filter", "briefcase", "fullscreen", "group", "link", "cloud", "beaker", "cut", "copy", "paper-clip", "save", "sign-blank", "reorder", "list-ul", "list-ol", "strikethrough", "underline", "table", "magic", "truck", "pinterest", "pinterest-sign", "google-plus-sign", "google-plus", "money", "caret-down", "caret-up", "caret-left", "caret-right", "columns", "sort", "sort-down", "sort-up", "envelope-alt", "linkedin", "undo", "legal", "dashboard", "comment-alt", "comments-alt", "bolt", "sitemap", "umbrella", "paste", "user-md"

I) Vote Of Thanks - top

We have tried to cover all basic stuffs needed for you to quickly customize this template. That is all for the initial setup and basic customization. If you need help, we will be always in your reach. Kindly write to us at: [email protected] We will be glad to help you. We appreciate you follow us on twitter, we are @designovastudio on twitter. We are also open for any advanced customization project you may have. Kindly email us, so we can get back to you with a nice plan for such projects. We hope you have found this quick tutorial as helpful. If you like our works, please buy and rate our themes at themeforest (theme‚Äôs page). This will help us to produce more awesome themes. http://www.themeforest.net/user/designova-studio Please visit our official site for more new stuffs and freebies.


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